Make real progress at home, starting today...!

- Repurpose rooms and spaces to fit new


- Reclaim spaces by purging unused objects

      and finding practical homes for the things

      you want to use or save

- Create working solutions for commonly

      misplaced items to reduce family tensions

- Finally set up usable file systems, for both

      paper and digital files, and create logical

      systems that can be maintained

- Encourage better study and work habits by 

      setting up environments conducive to the

      task and reducing distractions


- Avoid the embarrassment and expense of

      missed bills, checks, and correspondence

      that requires a timely response


There are many ways to get back to loving your house!

Many people have areas of their home that just don’t work well.

We will work together to analyze areas of frustration, set goals, and create solutions.

"More than anything, Gail has shown me it is possible to get started and make progress!"

"Our basement was approaching entropy!  Looking at it made me cry. Gail worked side by side with us to sort, save or scrap our accumulation.  She filled trash bags, hauled items, and swept floors.  Gail's great sense of humor, eye for grouping like-items and ability to visualize a way for us to better utilize our belongings, actually made the job fun."